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Greetings to our audiences, friends, and supporters far and near this Thanksgiving season. On this day and always, we are thankful for you!

Looking back at the not so distant end of our 45th season, we are pondering what we accomplished!

It is a little hard to believe that we just completed our 45th season. As we announced time and again this past season, “After a year like no other…” but, really truly, after a year… and more… and then some, like no other, we are back! And it feels so right!

It was a season filled with emotion. It was a personal experience for many as we all reflected on what Hip Pocket has meant to us individually and as a collective group: a family. We are spread far and wide and came to Hip Pocket from all time zones and from various generations and iterations of Hip Pocket. 

We celebrated Johnny Simons, one of the founding members of the theatre. He shared with us his personal and beautiful play, Curmudgeon Boogie, a love letter to his wife, our mother, and founding member, Diane Simons. It was also his goodbye to the stage. To see Johnny on stage is seeing a master at work and at play. This was bittersweet, to say the least. 

Many of you consider yourselves “students” of Johnny Simons, having worked with him throughout the years as actors, designers, musicians, dancers, technicians, collaborators, and as an attentive audience. We all know how important Johnny has been to the fabric of modern day experimental theatre, not only locally in Cowtown, but nationally and internationally. He has inspired many with his remarkable stage creations and we see that his self expression is a deep and meaningful, soulful, and playful experience. He is the most important teacher we have had and from whom we continue to have the pleasure to learn.

The pandemic changed our lives in big and small ways; many of us lost loved ones and friends. It forced us to pause our precious moments and celebrations of accomplishments and milestones. Time was asked to stop, yet we all kept getting older! We went inward and reflected on life and weighed all the little things and the big things. Many “Aha!” moments occurred, of all varieties: the happy and the sad sort. 

For us at Hip Pocket it was a moment for us to envision and project forward to see what the future might hold for us. Could the theatre survive? Could we get everybody to band together and create again? 

The answer seems to be a resounding “yes!” Many generous minds came together and with a massive amount of support from the “elders” of our theatre we decided we could do it! The two of us stepped into big shoes and joined forces with Johnny as artistic directors. We planned a five-show season filled with world premieres and a new collaboration with Theatre TCU. We also began an exciting relationship with the UTA architecture department, with the inaugural Land Art installations. 

And now we are dreaming up the 46th season, along with investing much time and strategy building a five-year plan to sustain the theatre through its 50th anniversary and beyond – something we daresay Johnny, Diane and the late Douglas Balentine, the third beloved co-founder, couldn’t have imagined back in 1976 when Hip Pocket was born! 

We plan to be with you for many years to come, in large part thanks to your commitment and support! Keep an eye on your email for updates, information on the next season and opportunities for you to participate. 

We can’t wait to see you in 2022!


Lake Simons

Managing Artistic Director

Lorca Simons

Producing Artistic Director

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