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See ELECTRA! One more weekend! We close on October 24th. The ONLINE ticket purchasing system is not working. PLEASE CALL 817-246-9775 to make a reservation or email us at hpt@hippocket.org!  Due to licensing and contract requirements, outside food and beverages are not allowed on the theatre property. Thank you for understanding.

45th Performance Season

After hibernating during a year like none other, we invite you to come out and celebrate with us!

Curmudgeon Boogie (Into the Shadows)

Written and Directed by Johnny Simons

Old sourpuss Jimmy Curmudgeon lives alone on a lonely lakefront with his two dogs, never leaving his humble abode except for occasional journeys to the grocery store, or the neighborhood washateria, or to visit his wife, Queen Dee-Dee, at the nursing home where she has been bed-bound for 5 years.

Jimmy is a collector of shadows kept in an old antique chest he visits from time to time in an attempt to relive adventures enjoyed in his distant past.

Can music help Jimmy face reality or will he forever drown his spirit in past memories?

This play is rated PG-13. Not recommended for young children.

June 11- July 3 (Fri-Sun @ 9 PM Curtain)
Note: This play closes on Saturday, July 3rd.

Pixie Posy

By Lake Simons & John Dyer
Music Composed by John Dyer

Fairies and wee pixies, like children, are both mischievous and sweet! Oft winged and ever in the wings. For there are realms and there are layers. Oh yes, and angels too, are there. Amongst the pipers, woodland creatures, and night-mares! 

At times we are misguided. Hoodwinked, spun, and bent. By little hands of mischief, laughing as they went. And at times we are healed, by little hands of love (some cut-out and some real). The better angels of our nature, through offerings, revealed.  

Inspired by 19th and 20th Century fairy paintings, including The Piper of Dreams, The Wounded Fawn, and Fairy Hordes Attacking A Bat, as well as the Cottingley fairy photos, the veracity and significance of which were the subject of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Coming Of The Fairies

Let us consider these wee little ones that have danced (and perhaps do dance) among us. Be a gathering. And turn that cloak, for fairy folks are in the oaks!

July 16- August 8 (Fri-Sun @ 9 PM Curtain)

Walking on Wire (Stories From the Feet)

By Lorca Simons
Co-Directed by Lake Simons and Lorca Simons

Devised by the ensemble.

Blown sideways, upside down, and all around, our feet carry stories.

Click your heels and set your compass for the unpredictable; there’s no place like home.

August 20 - September 5 (Fri-Sun @ 9 PM Curtain)

The Slam Bang Story of Ichamore Twerpwhistle

Written and Directed by Grainger Esch

If you were a kid growing up watching TV in North Texas in the 1960s, you might remember a comical character by the name of Icky Twerp. Or maybe you recall a Channel 11 kid's show called Slam Bang Theatre. The inspiring story of Bill Camfield, the creative mind behind the show and the character, is one of hilarity, heartbreak, and even a smidgen of Halloweenish horror... But mostly it's the hilarity.

September 24 - October 3 (Fri-Sun @ 8:15 PM Curtain) TWO WEEKENDS ONLY!


By Sophocles. Translation by Kenneth McLeish.
Directed by Krista Scott.
A Co-Production with Theatre TCU.

A father sacrifices a daughter to the gods before going off to war for the sake of the battle.
A wife kills her husband to avenge her daughter's slaying and his infidelity.
A daughter has her mother killed to avenge her father's murder.
A son kills his mother's lover for conspiring in his father's death.

Where murder is concerned, does revenge equal justice? When is the "blood for blood" chain complete?

Electra, by the ancient Greek playwright, Sophocles, tells a story of revenge not unlike the headlines found in today's news.

October 8 - 24 (Fri - Sun at 8:15 PM Curtain)
Note: October 8th is reserved for TCU First Nighters event. Opens to the public on October 9th.

Hip Cafe


Join us for dinner before the show on Fridays and Saturdays at the HipCafé in the Backyard.
By Reservation Only! Must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance!

Good evening and welcome to the HipCafé in the Backyard. Thank you so much for dining with us. I started making food for Hip Pocket audiences during the Theatre's second season and I'm honored to be back after all these years to support Lake and Lorca as a new generation takes the creative helm. Our menus will change with each show, but will always feature a variety of delicious choices that could include Certified Humane® meats, assorted fine cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and bread, along with dessert and a non-alcoholic beverage. Beer and wine are available for purchase. We're proud to note that all of our tableware and utensils are sustainably sourced and fully compostable.

Enjoy! And thanks for supporting Hip Pocket Theatre.

Menu for Electra:

In keeping with the theme of the play we will be serving Greek food from various local restaurants. Items may include favorites such as:

Lemon chicken

Baba Ghanough


Roasted cauliflower 

Kafta Kabob

Greek salad

Thank you for supporting the Hip Pocket Theatre!

All the best!

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