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Thank you all for your support throughout our 39th Performance Season. We’ll see you next year when we open our 40th performance season on Friday, June 3rd
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Celebrate the life of our
dear friend

Jimmy Joe

forever with us at the Hip Pocket Theatre under his Live Oak tree.

Donate to the Jimmy Joe Memorial Fund

We’ll be creating a memorial page soon where you will be able to see pictures, videos and read stories.

If you have a story about Jimmy Joe you would like to share, send it to

We hope you enjoy this edited version of the memorial video and slide show. The original version was 41 minutes long. This revision now includes the planting of the Live Oak Tree, the presentation of “A Brief Play about Jimmy Joe in Nine Scenes” and the stories people told. The new video is now 1 hour and 41 minutes long.
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Search the Internet with and name the Hip Pocket Theatre as your charity of choice.
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We wish to acknowledge those who have donated to support our 39th performance season.
Thank you for your continued support!

Our anonymous donors
Astrid and QV
Becca & Walker
Bruce Balentine
Dr. Robert & Michele Bourdage
Jordan Cole
Christina Cranshaw
Rima Fand
Maria Gross
Amanda Guy
Linda Hansen
Pat Higgins & Deborah Freed
Rebo Hill
Matthew Hines
In honor of the Austin Family
In honor of the Hip Pocket Theatre Fairy
In honor of Lisa H. Forrest
In honor of Mallory Harwell
In honor of Ruth Little
In honor of Ross Marano
In memory of Mel and Katy Dacus
In memory of Ann Davis
In memory of Preston Dunlap

In memory of Fran, Bubba and Bob
In memory of Phillip Fagan
In memory of Patsy Hardman
In memory of the incomparable R. Sharpe Harris
In memory of Flora Blanc Reeder
Ron and Pam JacksonJay Isham
Carmen Khan and Jack Armstrong
Harris & Peggy Kirby
Kerry Kreiman
Law Office of Tracy S. Bush LLC
Maria Lael MacDonald
Ronald Moore
Jon O’Harra
Gary E. Payne
Lissa Pratter
Scott & Ruth Richburg
Lake Simons
Jeffrey Stanfield
Wilma Jean Tade
Jim and Kristi Toler
Wade and Diane
Michael Wehrli

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North Texas Giving Day is September 18, 2014

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